About Nicola Cairncross

Nicola, Phoebe & Nelson

From a standing start of clueless, after a series of boring dead end jobs and failed businesses, Nicola Cairncross found herself broke and homeless at the age of 38 and worse, she had two children - Phoebe & Nelson - to support too!

She suddenly realised that, while no brighter or more hard working than she, the more successful and wealthy must know something she didn't so Nicola went on a personal journey of discovery and education which, within a few short years, saw Nicola write her first book "The Money Gym", create the UK's first wealth creation education company and become an international coach/mentor and speaker.

After 10 years Nicola realised that her second passion was for internet marketing and to help small business owners to market themselves more effectively online.

After a few years of doing that, she went on to write her second book "The Business Success Factory" which was later rolled into "Attract 3.0 (How To Find, Attract & Convert Your Ideal Customer Or Client".

Nicola now owns WPExpertUK.com which takes care of business websites using WordPress, she consults with and mentors aspiring entrepreneurs to success and mentors small business owners to market themselves better online via Clicks & Leads Academy. Find out more about all of these at NicolaCairnX.com and download some great free resources there.

In 2020 she updated her first book "The Money Gym" and released a companion book "The Money Gym: My No #1 Money Tip" bringing together the best money tips shared by successful entrepreneurs and investors on Nicola's podcast.  Her most recent book "A Foodies Guide To The Mani" reached No 10 in the Food Writing category on Amazon UK with the paperback, and is still No 1 in that category on Kindle.