About Nicola Cairncross

Nicola, Phoebe & Nelson

From a standing start of clueless, after a series of boring dead end jobs and failed businesses, Nicola Cairncross found herself broke and homeless at the age of 38 and worse, she had two children - Phoebe & Nelson - to support too!

She suddenly realised that, while no brighter or more hard working than she, the more successful and wealthy must know something she didn't so Nicola went on a personal journey of discovery and education which, within a few short years, saw Nicola write her first book "The Money Gym", create the UK's first wealth creation education company and become an international coach/mentor and speaker.

After 10 years Nicola realised that her second passion was for internet marketing and to help small business owners to market themselves more effectively online.

After a few years of doing that, she went on to write her second book "The Business Success Factory" which was later rolled into "Attract 3.0 (How To Find, Attract & Convert Your Ideal Customer Or Client".

Nicola now consults with and mentors aspiring internet entrepreneurs to success and mentors small business owners via Clicks & Leads Academy. Find out more at NicolaCairnX.com and download some great free resources there.

In 2020 she updated her first book "The Money Gym" and released a companion book "The Money Gym: My No #1 Money Tip" bringing together the best money tips shared by successful entrepreneurs and investors on Nicola's podcast.